3 Seasoning Gift Pack

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Choose from 5 hand-blended variety packs.

If you would like to put together a your own combination feel free to message us.

Great for gift giving.

  • Pack 1: Supreme Steak Seasoning, Key West Tropical Rub, Wildcat Maple & Habanero
  • Pack 2: Westward Ho BBQ, Gunsight Game Rub, Catherine's Coffee & Chili
  • Pack 3: Sunset Stir Fry, High Rustler Adobo, Mt. Olympus Greek Seasoning
  • Pack 4: Snakepit Shawarma, Fred's Pho, Sunset Stir Fry
  • Pack 5: Jitterbug Jerk, Key West Tropical Rub, Snakepit Shawarma